How do I know when volunteers have signed up for a volunteer opportunity?

At Benevity, we aim to provide a seamless experience for tracking volunteer sign-ups across our platforms, including Spark and Alaya. Understanding how users have signed up for your volunteer opportunities varies. Below, we've outlined the process based on the platform our users are on. 

In Spark, Benevity's Volunteer Platform:

When a volunteer signs up for one of your events on Spark, the designated contact person you provided when creating the opportunity will automatically receive an email notification. This notification will be sent from Please note that, currently, the Causes Portal does not offer a feature allowing you to view a list of registered volunteers. Therefore, we recommend keeping track of these email notifications as they arrive as these emails will provide your volunteer’s email address for you to send any additional communications regarding their sign-up.

Here is an example of the email notification you will receive when a volunteer signs up:

In Alaya by Benevity's Volunteer Platform:

When a volunteer signs up for your activity on Alaya, our dedicated Nonprofit Success team will reach out to you directly via email. They are committed to helping you connect with the volunteers, ensuring that both your organization and the volunteers have all the necessary details for a successful collaboration.

Here is an example of a volunteering opportunity on Alaya by Benevity. When a user applies via “Help Now,” you will be contacted via the email you provided.