Why should I register with Benevity?

Registering your free account with Benevity is optional, however, completing the recommended onboarding steps can have a powerful impact on your organization through increased donor engagement, access to reporting, profile customization tools, and payment options to efficiently receive your funds. The key registration steps and their purpose are outlined below:

Register your Account: Claiming or registering your account is the first step to tie an authorized user to your Charity profile on Benevity.

Verify your Identity: Our clients require that we verify the identities of all recipient organizations in our Portal. We’ll ask for a few pieces of information confirming your authority to administer the account on your organizations behalf. Donor reports cannot be accessed until this step is completed.

Complete Self-Certification: Many of our Clients require that Charities self-certify against common eligibility requirements to be a part of their giving and matching programs. Completing this step can result in valuable exposure for your organization.

Sign-up for Electric Funds Transfer (EFT): We strongly recommend signing up for EFT to avoid check processing fees, mail delays and minimum threshold rules for disbursements. It’s safe, and it saves time, resources and money. Note that for many of our clients, it is mandatory for funds to be disbursed electronically before matching funds are provided.

Complete your Profile: You can create and publish original content in the “Charity Description” and “Short Summary” fields on your profile, and also upload a logo. This content is the first thing a donor sees once they click on your profile. First impressions count!