Are there additional costs for Charities to receive manual checks?

Benevity, along with the support of our clients, is working hard to increase the adoption of electronic payments and drive the efficiencies that automation and aggregation can bring to charities.

When a charity elects not to use the electronic method for payment, they agree to pay a manual processing fee to cover the administration and overhead costs associated with the check preparation, issuing, mailing, etc., in the amount of up to the higher of: (i) U.S.$25 per check; and (ii) 7.0% of the amount of the manual check to a maximum of $100. These manual check fees apply only after a charity has received 3 manual checks, in order to give them time to set up an electronic donation payment option. This is a single fee applied on the aggregate donation, not a separate fee for each donation made, and this fee does not reduce the tax receiptable amount of any donation.