My organization received a check from Benevity

This article will outline who is Benevity, why your organization received a check, and how to register your profile to view disbursement/donor reports. 

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I've Received a Check from Benevity:

Your organization would have received a check because you have a supporter (donor) who works for one of Benevity's client companies, and they've made a donation through their workplace giving program. As a 501(c)3 or CRA registered charity in good standing, Benevity would automatically have a created profile page for you (including your mailing address) as we sync with the IRS and CRA databases. Although you've received registration instructions in your check mailer, these will also be included in an overview of Benevity below, including links to our corporate-facing website and our Causes Portal.

Who is Benevity:

Benevity is a software company that powers corporate giving, volunteering, and grant-making solutions for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies from around the globe, including Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft (to name a few). A full published client list is not available; however, you can review a short list of our clients on our website.

Part of Benevity's social mission is to help improve the way global charities access and become eligible for corporate giving programs and to modernize the way organizations process and receive donation funds. Benevity reduces manual administration costs by aggregating payments to each organization across all clients and donors, as well as automating payments and donor tax receipting/acknowledgments in a scalable global model. Central to this ecosystem view is the Benevity Causes Portal, which includes a global database of almost 2 million registered causes.

How to register my organization's profile:

There are no costs to sign up – just select ‘Register Now’ on the Causes Portal and follow the steps to register your organization. We also encourage you to fill out the details of your cause, complete the Self-Certification Declaration, and sign up for electronic disbursements. Many of our larger clients require these steps to be completed before an organization is eligible in their program.