Where do I find my reports?

A detailed report of donations is available in your cause profile following every disbursement of funds you receive through the Benevity platform. Reports are available within 3 business days after disbursement.

Reports include donor information, donation dates, amounts, designations, and a breakdown of any applicable fees. To maintain donor confidentiality, reports can only be accessed by a verified user associated with the cause profile.

Whether your nonprofit organization receives funds via check or bank deposit, a detailed report is made available in the Causes Portal. This ensures that no matter the method of disbursement, you have full visibility into the details of each transaction.


Finding your reports

Follow the steps below to download a report: 

  • Log in to the Benevity Causes Portal, or register your profile if you have not already.
  • Select the Reports tab.
  • Locate the report you wish to view and select Reports on the corresponding line item.
  • Choose Download Detailed Report from the drop-down menu to download a .csv file.

Learn more about your reports and the details they provide.