Reporting insights

What kinds of insights can be pulled from disbursement reports?

Every disbursement that your organization receives from Benevity has a corresponding report found in the Reports tab in the Benevity Causes Portal. Within this report, you can find:

  • A detailed list of your supporters and the companies they work for
  • The donation method and origin
  • The initiatives your donors want to support through Project designations or comments 
  • A breakdown of fees

With this information, you can find helpful information like who your biggest supporters are, the client companies that appear most frequently, and the Project pages that resonate with your donors.


Can custom reports be created in the Causes Portal to aggregate data by year or by client?

While Benevity is working to develop a custom reporting feature, this functionality does not currently exist in the Causes Portal. To create an aggregate of monthly reports, you can download each disbursement report and copy information into a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Is there a glossary of terms used in the disbursement reports?

A full breakdown of terms found in your disbursement reports can be found here


How can donor contact information be used?

If a donor chooses to share their personal information with you, you can contact them to thank them for their donation and provide updates on the great work your cause is doing in your community. Donor engagement is strongly encouraged as it's a great way to build relationships with your supporters and let them know how their donation helped propel your mission! A donor who shares their information when they make a donation does not inherently consent to solicitation for further donations, and you would need to obtain their consent separately.


How can I check if my organization is featured in a giving opportunity? 

When a company wants to feature an organization (or multiple organizations) to their employees, they can create a giving opportunity. Giving opportunities can be created by a donor or one of the program administrators and they are only visible within that client's program for a specific amount of time. If you have received a donation through a giving opportunity,  you are informed in the Activity column of your disbursement report.