Understanding the Benevity basics

This part of our video series is designed to lay the foundation for nonprofits navigating the Benevity Causes Portal. This series includes five insightful videos tailored for organizations at the onset of their Benevity journey.

Whether you're a newcomer eager to learn more or a current member looking to optimize your presence, these videos serve as a step-by-step guide to enhance your engagement and maximize donor support. From distinguishing between Alaya and Benevity, and creating various types of volunteering opportunities, to understanding your disbursement reports, this collection provides you with the knowledge to use our platform effectively.

Join Miranda, our Cause Engagement Specialist, as she walks you through each process, ensuring your nonprofit leverages our ecosystem's full potential right from the start.

Understanding the differences between Alaya and Benevity

Creating a Benevity volunteering opportunity

Creating an Alaya volunteering opportunity

Creating a project

Understanding your disbursement reports