I’m not receiving the electronic payment notifications

Benevity sends remittance email notifications to causes that are signed up to receive electronic payments (EFT/ACH, PayPal). When signing up for electronic payments, your organization submits a form including the email address in which these notifications are sent. 

How to update my remittance email address

Please note that the email address that receives Electronic Funds Transfer notifications can only be updated by our Finance Team. Please submit a support request and our team will be happy to help. There can only be one email address on file to receive these notifications.

It typically takes a full disbursement cycle (4-8 weeks) for the remittance email update to take effect. Once we update the email address on file, there’s a possibility that the notification for the most recent disbursement will be sent to the previous email address. Future EFT notifications will be sent to the new email address.