What are the fees that have been deducted from a donation?

There are three types of fees that can be applied to each disbursement: Management FeeMerchant Fee, and Manual Check Fee:

  • Management Fees are always applied, as that is what Benevity charges clients for using our services. The management fee can range from 0% to 4.8%, the exact percentages are privately negotiated with each client.
  • Merchant Fees are only applied when a donor uses a credit card or PayPal to make their donation. These fees are external fees applied by the credit card company or by PayPal. Please note: Not all transactions will have this fee.
  • The Manual Check Surcharge is applied starting with the fourth check issued to the organization. This fee is the greater of either $25 per check or 7%, to a maximum of $100 and can be avoided by signing up for electronic disbursements. This is also a single fee applied on the aggregate donation, not a separate fee for each donation made, and this fee does not reduce the tax-receiptable amount of any donation.


The ‘Donation Source Summary (PDF)’ report will outline the applicable fees. If any fees were covered by the client, there will be a footnote number listed next to the client’s name. Please refer to the bottom of the page where it says 'How are fees deducted?' and it will detail what each footnote means.