What are the fees that have been deducted from a donation?

There are three types of fees that can be applied to each disbursement: Management FeeMerchant Fee, and Manual Check Fee:

  • Management Fees are always applied, as that is what Benevity charges clients for using our services. The management fee can range from 0% to 4.8%, the exact percentages are privately negotiated with each client.
  • Merchant Fees are only applied when a donor uses a credit card or PayPal to make their donation. These fees are external fees applied by the credit card company or by PayPal. Please note: Not all transactions will have this fee.
  • The Manual Check Surcharge is applied starting with the fourth check issued to the organization. This fee is the greater of either $25 per check or 7%, to a maximum of $100 and can be avoided by signing up for electronic disbursements. This is also a single fee applied on the aggregate donation, not a separate fee for each donation made, and this fee does not reduce the tax-receiptable amount of any donation.