What fees can be deducted from donations?

There are three types of fees that may be deducted from donations:

Cause support fee: This is a variable percentage charge based on the cost of vetting the program eligibility of the cause, collecting and processing donations, disbursing funds and preparing donor receipts and cause reporting.

Merchant fees: This fee applies to the costs associated with processing credit card, PayPal or similar transactions. The fee can vary based on the payment card type or process used to complete the transactions and is typically less than 2.5%.

Manual check surcharge: This fee applies to disbursements paid by check in North America. After an organization receives three manual checks, there is a mandatory 7% fee per disbursement, with a minimum fee being $25.00 and a maximum of $100.00. We encourage all North American nonprofit organizations to receive their disbursements electronically so they can access funds faster and avoid these check fees. This fee does not apply to countries outside North America, where all disbursements are made electronically.