How can I see my upcoming disbursement amounts?

You can track your organization’s donation activity using the bar graph on the ‘Dashboard’ of your profile called 'My Donation Activity'. Here are the definitions of each status:


'Current' (Blue): Represents accumulated funds (ex. Dec 1- Jan 15)


'In Progress' (Yellow):  Status change on or around the 15th of the month, displaying the gross amount of your upcoming disbursement. 


‘Sent’ (Orange): Represents funds that have already been disbursed to your organization.




  • On January 15, the dashboard will display any applicable funds donated in December in the 'In Progress' 


  • In this example, January funds accrued between Jan 1 - 15 will remain in 'Current'status and will disbursed the following month. 


Please note, in the 'My Donation Activity' bar graph displays gross and not net amounts, as fees may be applied before disbursement. For more information on fees, refer to What are the fees that have been deducted from a donation?