Adding another user to my cause profile

A claimed cause profile is managed by a representative of that organization (“cause owner”), and they are responsible for managing the content of the profile and monitoring incoming donations. To share this responsibility with other individuals within their organization, the cause owner can add subusers which involves creating additional login credentials to access the profile. A subuser’s permissions are determined based on the roles they are assigned and can be modified by the cause owner at any time.

How to add subusers:

  • Sign in to the Causes Portal
  • Select Cause Profile
  • Select Manage Subusers > Create New Subuser
  • Enter the subusers email, choose a username and password, and select the role(s) you wish to assign the subuser
  • Select Create Subuser

Creating a subuser account does not generate a notification email to that individual, so you will need to provide the subuser with their new login credentials.

If you receive an error message saying that username or email address has already been taken, this means the subuser already has an account and cannot be added to a second profile. 

 Subuser roles:

  • Cause Owner allows the user to view reports and manage payment method details.
  • Volunteer Opportunity Author allows the user to create and edit volunteer opportunities only.
  • Project Owner allows the user to create and edit projects only.
  • Report Viewer allows the user to view and download disbursement reports only.
  • Certification Manager allows the user to submit and view self-certification declarations only.

Subusers do not have access to edit the main profile content, such as the logo or description. These edits can only be made by the cause owner.