Why does the disbursement amount not match the amount on the Donations Report?

There are a few reasons for a disbursement not matching a Donation Report. First, a Donations Report provides the gross total donations that were disbursed to your organization, before any fees were deducted, and because of this, you may see a discrepancy. You will need to open the Donation Source Summary and Fee Receipt to view the net total amount that will match the amount disbursed to your organization.

Another reason the amount disbursed to your organization may not align with the Donor Report is that the funds may have been donated in a currency other than your local currency. Online Donations Reports show the donation amount in the currency the funds were donated. You can always see the donation currency at the top of the Donations Report:

Disbursements to your organization will always be sent in your local currency. We use the UK Online Giving Foundation to disburse funds when you receive donations in a currency different from your local currency.