Changing your organization's name

Benevity uses government databases of charitable organizations in good standing to update its own database of causes.

If your organization name in Benevity’s database is no longer correct, or if you want to use a common name or “doing business as” name instead, you can submit a help request with our Cause Support team.

Step 1: Submit a request

  1. Fill out the request form.
  2. Under Message, add the new organization name.
  3. Under Cause Request Type, select Profile Management.
  4. Upload official government documentation that shows the new name, such as a state, provincial, or federal level document.
  5. Click Submit.

Step 2: Submit new EFT or ACH application

If you accept payments electronically, you will need to submit a new EFT or ACH application, with supporting documentation that shows the new organization name. If your banking information does not match the new profile name, future disbursements may be delayed or unsuccessful.


If your organization name hasn’t changed, or if your organization's bank account name does not match the new name, you can simply add your organization’s common names to the Charity Description and Search Alias sections of your profile. The more information you add in these sections, the easier it is for Benevity clients and donors to find you in their search results.