Kohl’s Volunteer Rewards Program

Please visit this page for more information on the Kohl’s Volunteer Reward Program. Additionally, you can view this video to learn more about the Benevity and Kohl’s partnership: How to create volunteer events for Kohl's associates - Benevity.


How to Create a Volunteer Opportunity for the Kohl’s Associates

The Kohl's Volunteer Rewards Program utilizes the 'Volunteering' function on the Benevity Causes Portal. To create an upcoming Volunteer Opportunity that the Kohl’s associates can sign up for, please follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the Causes Portal
  • Select ‘Volunteering’ tab from the left-hand side menu
  • Click the ‘Create New Volunteer Opportunity’button
  • Fill out the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*)
  • For reference, click here for Kohl’s program guidelines
  • Ensure the event date and, if your organization has multiple locations, the chapter or subdivision name is included in the 'Opportunity Name'
  • Outline the tasks volunteers will be involved in under the 'Opportunity Description'
  • Under ‘Visibility’, select ‘Private’ and it will prompt you for a share-key
  • Enter the case-sensitive share-key: kohls-cause


  • Ensure ‘Published’ is checked off and click ‘Save
  • Please note: Updates to the profile may take up to 24 hours to appear.

After the event is created and 24 hours has passed, please let the Kohl’s associates know they can now search and sign up for the event.


Do the Kohl’s Associates Need to Do Anything After the Opportunity Has Been Complete?

Following your volunteer event, it is mandatory for the associates to confirm their volunteer hours (track their time) through the Kohl's Cares portal, which is a portal exclusive to the Kohl’s associates.

A minimum of 5 Kohl's associates, from any Kohl's location, must volunteer for a minimum of 3 consecutive hours and have their hours approved before your organization will be considered for funding. Your organization does not need to approve these hours as they are reviewed by the program administrators. Please note: if the employee’s time is rejected, they will receive an email notification indicating the reason for rejection and the time may need to be resubmitted.


How Can I Find Out if the Associates Have Tracked Their Time?

To inquire about who has tracked hours for your volunteer event, please contact your local Kohl's location (https://www.kohls.com/stores.shtml) and ask to be connected with a district administrator (please note: this is different from a Kohl's manager). These administrators have visibility into who has confirmed their attendance (tracked time) to your event and will be able to assist you further.


When Does My Organization Receive the Reward?

At the end of each month, any approved employee volunteer hours are reviewed by administrators to determine if the event qualifies for a reward. If your organization’s event is approved for a reward, Benevity will issue the reward in the next disbursement cycle, which occurs in the month following the approval. For example, events are reviewed at the end of May and, for the events that had the qualifying amount of approved submissions, rewards are disbursed around the 23rd of June.