Microsoft's Give With Bing

What is Give With Bing?

Give with Bing is a feature of Microsoft Rewards that enables individuals to support causes that they care about simply by searching on Bing.

It starts when individuals sign up for Microsoft Rewards, Microsoft's loyalty program. After joining, points earned for Bing searches will be automatically donated to their selected cause. Give with Bing is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

When does your cause receive donations from the points donated?

Donations will be distributed to causes roughly six weeks after the month-end of when the points were donated. Microsoft Rewards will send the Microsoft Rewards individual an email detailing their monthly impact even though the actual donation may lag. For example, individuals will receive an April monthly activity statement in early May and the donation will be paid to the designated cause in mid-June. Their Give with Bing balance will reset to zero when the donation is made and they can start earning points again at the start of the new month. Individual donors can also visit to see your total contributions.

For more FAQs about Microsoft Give With Bing, please check out Microsoft's website here

Additional Cause Information

  • You can verify if your cause is included in the Give with Bing database by visiting
  • If your cause is not in the Give with Bing database, you will need to register your organization on the Benevity Causes Portal.
  • To add your cause to the Benevity directory, visit There you can claim your profile, sign up for electronic donation payments and provide additional details to have your cause added to their list. Once your cause is fully registered in the Benevity Causes Portal, it will appear in the Give with Bing directory.
  • If you’re looking to promote Give with Bing to your supporters, you can request the Toolkit from Microsoft by emailing
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Give with Bing are available at

If you require further support from Give with Bing from Microsoft Rewards, you can contact their team at