What is my Benevity ID / Cause ID

Benevity syncs with multiple charitable databases around the world, including the IRS and CRA. If you are a registered charity or non-profit in your local jurisdiction, you should have a cause profile and Benevity ID in our database. 

You can find your Benevity ID number by looking at your web address bar while logged into the Causes Portal. Your Benevity ID will be the number shown at the end of the address that follows ‘causes.benevity.org/causes/.’ If you are unable to log into your organization’s profile, you can also view this web address and Benevity ID by clicking the ‘Register Now’ button on causes.benevity.org and viewing the profile page of your organization.

Lastly, you can locate your Benevity ID on your cause profile page by following these steps:

  • Sign in to the Causes Portal
  • Select Cause Profile on the left-hand side menu
  • Select View Cause Profile
  • Locate your Unique Identifier on your cause profile page

Please note that knowing your Benevity ID will assist the Cause Support team in locating your cause profile when requesting support.