Receiving donations as a paper check

In the US and Canada, Benevity can disburse donations to causes via electronic payments (EFT, ACH, PayPal) or by check. Outside of those two countries, Benevity can only disburse donations electronically. Benevity prefers to transfer donations to you electronically to reduce administrative costs and to get the much-needed funds to you quicker.

Benevity disburses donations through check when donations to a US or Canadian cause, across all of Benevity’s clients, reach a total of $100. This $100 donation threshold increases the efficiency of transferring funds, since making small disbursements means more administrative time and higher costs.

If you are set up to receive check payments and notice that a donation wasn’t disbursed in accordance with our standard disbursement cycle, the total donation amount for your cause may be under the $100 threshold. When total donations fail to reach this threshold, they are paid out annually and distributed on or before the last day of February of each calendar year.

To receive your donations sooner and avoid the costs associated with check disbursements, Benevity strongly recommends that you sign up for electronic payments, either by EFT, ACH or PayPal.

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