What is a Project?

Projects can be created on your cause profile so that donors can find a specific chapter, program, or initiative through the platform to designate their donation.  For example, a project could highlight disaster relief efforts (“Hurricane Recovery”, “Dealing with the Ebola Outbreak”), or be an appeal for help with a specific issue (“Help us build a new school”). Projects can also be used when larger charitable organizations share one charitable registration number and they wish to list their chapters or fiscally sponsored organizations under one profile. 

If projects are added to your profile, your organization must be authorized to accept donations intended for all projects. All donations must be allocated in accordance with the project description.

Donations made to projects are aggregated and issued along with all other donations made to your cause. Once the donations have been disbursed, the corresponding report will highlight which donations were made to a project by including the project name in the Project column. Without a project, donors can still leave comments to indicate their donation designation preferences. 

In the event your cause receives donations towards a project that is no longer accepting funding, those donations can be redirected towards a general fund within your organization.

Learn how to manage projects in your cause profile.