Why is different information available in older reports?

Reports for donations made prior to November 30, 2018 were provided in two formats:

  • The Detailed Report includes donor contact information (as available depending on donor preference)
  • The Donations Source Summary includes total donation amounts per company, along with any applicable fees in aggregate and the net payable disbursed to your organization

The Donation Source Summary Report will: 

  • Provide total donation amounts by company, any applicable fees, and the net payable disbursed to your organization.
  • Provide information as to which clients cover the fees and which pass the fee along to the donation. If a client has a footnote number listed next to it, see 'How are fees deducted' at the bottom of the page, which outlines fee allocation information by client.
  • If there is no footnote number beside a client's name, they have elected not to cover any fees.
  • Donation Source Summary Reports are only available for disbursements prior to September 2018.