Receiving disbursements to a shared bank account

When disbursements are sent to a cause’s bank account, the description on your bank statement will include our foundation partner’s name, not Benevity. Donation details can be found in your Reports in the Causes Portal.

If you are using one bank account for multiple cause profiles, the deposit line description in your bank statement will not include other identifying details (e.g., cause name) to confirm which profile received each disbursement. This means that you may not be able to locate the corresponding report to a specific bank deposit if you do not have access to that profile. We recommend uploading unique bank accounts to each profile for easier reconciliation. 

The other option is to consolidate multiple cause profiles. If your cause can accept donations through one charitable number/tax ID, such as a school district or the headquarters of a national organization, create projects on that profile for all affiliated causes. You can then request deactivation for all other profiles which ensures that donors will be directed to the one active profile and its projects when making a donation.