Why are my donations in Current status for so long?

When viewing your Donation Activity graph, some donations may retain the Current status beyond the standard disbursement timeline, which means they may not be disbursed at the end of the following month. 

A delayed disbursement could be the result of a client’s program or disbursement model. For example, some clients may disburse on a quarterly basis, or they may require additional reviews before a donation or match is approved. As this information is confidential to the client, causes will need to monitor the Donation Activity graph for the donations to appear In Progress, as that will indicate the disbursement is being prepared to send that month. Learn more about the donation activity tracker.

Disbursement thresholds

For causes located in Canada and the US that are receiving donations by check, a disbursement may be delayed if it has not met the donation threshold. Learn more about receiving donations as a paper check.

Causes in some countries may be subject to a disbursement threshold for cross-border donations. Learn more about UKOGF donations that have been in Current for over two months.