Tax receipts for donors

As part of our services and social mission to provide value to charitable organizations, we look after tax receipts to donors who make donations through our platform, saving you the expense and time. We process all funds through our foundation partners, and they issue the tax receipts to the appropriate donors and corporations. As well, please note that your organization does not need to send Benevity a tax receipt or donation confirmation. 

If you are inquiring about how to credit the donations, please note that we use Foundation partners to help Benevity disburse funds through a donor-advised fund model. The donations are aggregated and made to our Foundation partners, then sent to your organization through each respective Foundation on a monthly basis, determined by where your organization is registered. 

  • For more information on our donor-advised funds, check out this article
  • If you are still unable to locate your answer, please contact our support team.