How to optimize your profile

You can boost exposure to potential donors by completing your profile and providing as much information about your organization as possible. This includes adding a description, a logo, links to your social media pages or to your organization's website. First impressions count – so make sure your profile looks appealing!

Additionally, you can create "projects" for any chapters or fundraising initiatives that fall under your organization. Creating projects with detailed descriptions about your organization’s programs can lead to increased donor engagement. Click here for more information about projects.

Donor stewardship is highly encouraged to help cultivate new and existing corporate and donor relationships. Detailed reports are made available to you in your Causes Portal profile and contain valuable information and insights about your passionate supporters. Feel free to contact those donors who shared their contact information in these reports and thank them for their donations.

It also helps to encourage your existing donors who give outside of the Benevity platform to check if their employer has a workplace matching program that will maximize their gifts. Donors who give through the Benevity platform can create "giving opportunities" for your cause through their workplace giving program. They can potentially feature your organization to their colleagues and even create peer matching opportunities - wherein they offer to match donations made by the featured organization. This is an excellent way for your existing donors to let their peers know why they support you!

Have your donors contact their internal giving program administrator for questions about this or have them contact our End User Care team. The End User Care team at

There is also a great video resource on this subject available on our help page: Attracting Donors to Your Profile.