Why is my profile showing as incomplete?

You must complete all onboarding steps to have a complete profile in the Causes Portal. Your progress is reflected on the Dashboard and in the top left corner of your profile.

To complete your profile, all of the following steps are required:

1. Register your Account

This involves creating a user account and linking those login credentials to your organization’s profile in the Causes Portal.

2. Verify Your Identity

The user verification step allows us to ensure that the right person is gaining access to the cause profile and is authorized to administer the account. This step must be completed in order to access the remainder of the profile.

3. Complete Self-Certification Declaration

Many of Benevity’s clients require causes to self-certify against common eligibility requirements to qualify for inclusion in their workplace giving or matching programs.

Learn more about how to complete the Self-Certification Declaration

4. Set up Electronic Donation Payments

Causes in North America: This step is optional but encouraged as a way to receive donations in a more secure way while avoiding the Manual Check Fee. Causes who choose Check donation payments will still be eligible to receive donations from donors within Canada and the United States, but this section will appear as incomplete on your Dashboard.

Causes outside of North America: This step is required as we cannot send disbursements without an approved bank account on file.

Learn more about how to sign up for electronic payments.

5. Complete your Profile

This step requires that a Mission Statement and Charity Description be added to your cause profile to tell your supporters more about the work that you do.

Learn more about editing your cause profile.