My donations have been in 'current' for over a month

Some of the donations listed as “current” may be delayed, as they are pending disbursement due to client payment. Any donations displayed as “in-progress” on your profile dashboard will be disbursed within the month, as per our standard disbursement cycle.

Please note, the way donations are processed and disbursed can differ depending on each client's processes and program requirements. For example, some client programs disburse on a quarterly basis and some clients require additional reviews before external matches are approved. This may explain why you see funds in the "Current" status for longer than a typical disbursement cycle.

We advise not to expect a specific amount to be sent until you see the funds move from "Current" to "In Progress".  When donations move to in progress, a payable has been created and the gross amount of your upcoming disbursement will be displayed. 

If you would like further confirmation on the status of donations that have remained undisbursed for over a month, please contact our support team

  • For more information on Benevity's disbursement cycle, please click here