What does it mean to be 'Nominated'?

To be ‘nominated’ means a potential donor wants to see your organization added as an eligible cause within their workplace giving program. A nomination will trigger automatic invitation emails to be sent with the subject line, “[Client] Invites You to Register for Their Workplace Giving Program”. These emails will be sent over the course of 4 weeks to the point of contact (your organization) provided by the employee.


Causes within these countries undergo an in-house vetting process. The invitation email will request documentation to be submitted to validate your charitable status. If your organization meets Benevity’s eligibility requirements, a profile will be created and added to the Benevity Causes Portal.

In situations where the employee’s workplace program requires additional steps to be completed, you may receive an email inviting you to complete the following onboarding steps:


For causes located outside of the 5 countries listed above, Benevity’s partner, TechSoup, will initiate the process by sending your organization a link to register on their portal. After registration, TechSoup (or one of their regional partners) will request documentation to validate your non-profit or charitable status. Benevity is then notified and will make the final eligibility determination.

After your organization is added to the Causes Portal, you will be sent instructions to register and complete the following onboarding steps:

Nomination FAQs:

I completed the registration steps. How do I notify the employee? After you have completed the onboarding steps, the employee who nominated you will be notified by our End User Care team. There is no further action required on your part.

I’m already registered in the Causes Portal. Do I need to register again? No. Reply to the invitation email and provide your cause name and registered charity number so we can ensure the employee is notified.

I can’t find my cause in the search form. What do I do? Respond to the invitation email and provide your organization's full name, address, and registered charity number so the Cause Support team can assist you further.

I found my cause in the Portal but it says it’s already claimed. How do I log in? This means a previous employee registered your organization's profile. Ask your colleagues if anyone has the login credentials and, if not, please contact our support team for further assistance

Is a nomination the same as a donation? No. A nomination means an employee was unable to contribute to your organization, so they requested to have your organization added. 

Is my eligibility guaranteed? As Benevity manages multiple workplace giving programs, program guidelines can vary depending on the corporation. After you have completed the onboarding steps, we will assess your eligibility within that employee’s program and notify them accordingly.

I registered with TechSoup. When will I hear back? We don't have insight into the expected validation timelines as TechSoup operates independently from us. After TechSoup's validation is complete, the process moves back to Benevity's vetting team and you will hear from us at that time.